Paleo Diet and CrossFit – An Ideal Match

You probably heard of the Paleo diet, also known as the caveman diet. Recently, this direction in nutrition started getting more attention for several reasons. Firstly, let’s face it: it sounds fun. The idea behind the Paleo diet is that the human digestive system didn’t change since the Paleolithic times, but that instead our eating habits took a turn for the worst. Few hundred thousand years ago we didn’t have any refined sugars, grains, food preservatives or dairy products.

Instead, humans lived on a hunter-gatherer diet of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and berries. Paleo diet developed this notion into a system that reduces carbohydrates and introduces a lot more protein (meat) and mineral substances (plants). It may seem like a passing trend, but Paleo diet is actually a really clever idea. Using Paleo diet for Crossfit may just be the perfect combo for your body.

A CrossFit program is a little tricky to describe. Imagine it as a very broad set of exercises involving everything from pushing weights all the way to climbing ropes and running with a sack of sand around your neck. And taking crossfit supplements pre workout to get you going. It began years ago as a process that was intended to ready an individual for many things, including those they are even aware of. But, it wasn’t just a pseudo-military exercise set that can be seen in any army training barracks all over the world. Instead, it slowly saw a rise of a community organized around the notion of fitness that is bigger than just going to a local gym and pushing on weird machines. A successful Crossfit routine can change not just your fitness levels, but also your entire health. Interestingly, so can the Paleo diet. So, let’s examine how these two interact with each other.

Firstly, Paleo diet should increase your energy levels. This is thanks to the nutrients, fruit sugars and vitamins you absorb by eating a lot more fruit and vegetables. Greater energy levels mean more stamina so your abilities in Cardio exercises in Crossfit should improve. Strength wise, with a lot more protein in your body thanks to Paleo, your muscles should also receive a boost.

But be careful; minerals are quickly absorbed and used by your body, so the advantages in stamina should be clear quicker. On the other hand, protein just helps you rebuild your muscles after they received microscopic damage during your exercise. Having more of it in your metabolism means that the muscles will be more solidly built, but they will still require that you stick to your workout regime. In short, proteins will work their magic slower than the easy access minerals and fruit sugars.

Paleo diet for Crossfit is something you should explore gradually. Try different Paleo meals and see how you feel in training and in the days that follow. Once you get the combination that is right for you, Paleo diet for Crossfit may become your best nutritional friend.